Marshall Cobb was born in Fort Collins, Colorado. He has worked as a short-order cook, a groundskeeper, and a spokesman for a bat conversation group. Eventually, he found his footing in the world of finance. He spent the first twelve years in this arena marketing the offerings of large financial institutions. He spent the last thirteen in operating his own practice, which helped companies find the best deals possible for the retirement plans of their employees.

Along the way, Marshall built a reputation and a following for the articles he penned regarding finance and investments. These pieces were incorporated into the employee newsletters of many of his larger clients and quoted extensively in the media.

He is presently working on several very different series of books that span the genres of story book, middle-grade reader, young adult fantasy, and horror/thriller. He has also amassed an archive of blog posts on a variety of subjects. The common thread of these posts is the failings of Marshall as a human being. There is ample material, and plenty more posts to follow.

Marshall currently resides in Costa Rica with his wife and their increasingly teen-aged boys.

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