What Lurks Beneath: Census Book I

The tortures of the daily routine of big city life dwell on David Reynolds, driving him to an early grave.

The sanctity of his farm in central Texas gives him respite.

But that changes on his latest visit when he notices things starting to happen; odd things, strange things, things that make him fear for his life.

A blood-chilling truth, an ominous fate and forbidden place that you will grip you from start to finish.

Fans of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Saul will love CENSUS: What Lurks Beneath by Internationally Acclaimed author Marshall Cobb.

Pacing: What Lurks Beneath: Census Book II

In order to save her life, Dave brought Janice into The Colony, where she now serves as the reluctant surrogate mother for alien offspring. Janice agreed to this role versus the alternative — being consumed alive — but wonders how long she and Dave can keep their plan to escape a secret (or whether or not the plan actually is a secret).

The Colony’s thirst for energy accidentally alerted another group of aliens who will soon invade and claim their prize: earth. Dave and Janice must protect The Colony from discovery by human authorities while helping it prepare to repel the alien attack. Unfortunately, The Colony’s solution to victory requires the enslavement of the entire human population.

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