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#2 came home from school the other day and relayed an extensive amount of graphic information regarding features, facets and manipulations of a certain specific part of the female anatomy. We bought a few precious moments by asking where he’d come across these revelations, and he confirmed the source as his classmate. We asked the inevitable follow-up question — where exactly had his classmate seen all of this? Without missing a beat #2 confirmed that it was from a show on the History Channel.

I know that the History Channel has moved away from its all-things-about-Hitler approach and gone the reality TV route, but what his classmate had described would make a Kardashian blush. I suspect that #2’s classmate had been browsing something other than the History Channel — something apparently available in HD — but life with young boys all-too-quickly nearing puberty definitely presents its challenges.

We are fortunate to now live in an environment surrounded by natural beauty. Nature, incidentally, doesn’t wear pants so close encounters like the one captured in this picture are an inevitable fountains of questions and entertainment. 

Yes, that’s definitely a daddy monkey.

Our boys stroll daily through nature with their eyes wide open, but you don’t even have to leave the house to come across scenes that invite additional questions and giggling commentary. These moths were apparently “hugging” by our window yesterday, and we were fortunate in that the placement of their wings as well as their position on the window sill prevented any closer, HD, footage.

No, I don’t know where they put the babies.

Unless the parents of #2’s classmate decide to downgrade their satellite package, or hide their remote, I suspect we’re in for quite a bit more in the way of detailed descriptions and related questions. Even if the TV in question disappears, the local fauna are going to continue to do their part to make life entertaining. John Ashcroft would have to put a giant drape over the entire area.

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