The Promise of The Orb

Peter Davidson’s short life has been a series of challenges. The troubles began with the loss of his mother, something his father, Big Ed, has never overcome. His brother, Eli, wants only to escape their hand-to-mouth farming existence for life in the big city. Now fate has decided to dry-up the river that nourishes their farm.

Help comes from an unlikely source—a small, glowing Orb that Peter finds in the river bed. Orb claims that the world was once awash in peace and prosperity under his rule. He needs Peter’s help to regain his power and his throne. In return, Orb will cure all that ails Peter, his family, and the world.

Peter joins the quest to help Orb and discovers along the way that there are many different versions of the truth–and very few things in this, or any world, that are purely good.