The Promise of The Orb: Additional Information/Dictionary

I have already credited my very good friend, Allen, for guiding and helping me with The Promise of the Orb.

I also mentioned in the introduction to that novel that Allen is of the opinion that much of the vocabulary I used was both complicated and, well, difficult. He created a list. I cross-referenced his list with one I had Thing #1 create (circling all of the challenging words).

Below please find the output. All definitions are straight out of my head and many likely are at odds with your favorite dictionary/dictionary app.

I would like to hold fast to the opinion that this book is meant for young adults and above, but completing this exercise in self-flagellation (I’m doing it again) has convinced me that I do need to pay more attention to the words I choose. It also reminds me of my tendency to use amongst and whilst, which my bride frequently reminds me are better suited for writers in jolly-old-England (said writers having produced their novels in the late 1800’s).

With that, please enjoy a glimpse into the inner-workings (failings) of my muddled mind.

Abduct               take; kidnap
Abide go along with (The Dude abides if you’re old enough to have seen The Big Lebowski)
Abundance lots of
Adamant strong, unchangeable position
Adaptable flexible
Aeon A VERY long period of time (in Buddhism variations of this term involve millions, billions and potentially a trillion years)
Agitation irritation
Amorous feeling frisky; needing to be with boyfriend/girlfriend
Angst deep worry or concern
Antagonizing bugging (a lot)
Array wide range of
Audible you can hear it
Authoritarian rulers who have it their way with no interest in the opinions of others
Bedazzled lots of sparkly things that delight the eyes (and may hide something not so nice)
Behalf doing something for someone else
Bemused quietly thinking about why something has made you not so happy
Billowed blew hard
Breached broke the surface/seal
Candor honesty
Cannister container with a lid
Catapults old weapons that hurled things
Chaos a complete lack of order; everyone doing anything they want
Chided scolded
Clenching squeezing hard
Collage a mixture of lights/colors/things
Combusted lit on fire
Compatible gets along with
Compelled something that made you do something
Composure keeping your cool
Concede give up or quit
Concussed hit so hard on your head that you have a concussion
Condensation dew that forms on the windows
Configuration the way a thing is put together
Conjunction connecting or combining one with another separate thing
Conjuring making something appear as if by magic
Conspiratorially whispering to others about doing something that someone in authority might not be happy about
Constituents the people that “belong” to a ruler/king/leader
Contemplation deep thoughts
Contour the line the shows the shape of something
Conveyed told
Cooperative willing to do something
Corresponding next
Craned stuck his neck out
Crescendo reached the maximum amount of noise
Cryptic short; minimal information
Decomposing breaking down (a fish on a beach slowly decomposes)
Defiance standing up to; resistant
Deforestation wiping out all of the trees
Deluge lots of rain, or information
Depression low spot; or a very sad mood
Designated identified or named (that park has been designated as a national monument)
Deteriorating     breaking down
Dilute water down to lose strength
Dimension aspect (another dimension of someone’s personality); or a completely separate reality
Discern be able to tell
Discreet not obvious; able to do things without others noticing
Disembark get off
Disembodied lacking a body (disembodied voice calls out from nowhere)
Distinctive unique
Diversionary doing something to distract people from something else that you’re doing
Diverted changed the course of
Divulged told
Dormant not active; asleep
Dubious questionable
Elongated stretched
Emanating combing from
Emblazoned written or painted brightly (the rocket was emblazoned with red stripes)
Emboldening giving someone the confidence to do something they wouldn’t have done previously
Emissary representative or messenger (powers and duties can be very different depending on the situation)
Endowing giving the power to do something
Ensemble assembled group
Entity lifeform
Envious jealous
Envision to be able to picture something
Eons a long period of time (thousands of years)
Equilibrium balance
Eroded ate away (the river eroded its bank)
Escalated increased intensity
Euphoria really, really happy
Evasive not answering questions; moving quickly to escape capture
Exuded gave lots of (he exuded confidence)
Finite a specific amount (with the notion that there is no more)
Forfeit give up; lose
Formulated planned or calculated
Fraught full of danger
Fungible changeable (his opinion was fungible)
Glistening brightly reflecting light
Gnarled twisted, old
Gravitational a force (gravity) that causes things to move (the earth’s spot in our solar system is caused by the gravitational force of the sun)
Grimaced scowled, frowned
Hefty big, strong
Hormone-induced making decisions because of love (particularly amongst teenagers who are new to love)
Hovered hanging in the air above something; staying quite close to something
Illuminating bringing light to
Immersion a deep state of involvement or dedication to something (he was in a French immersion program and all of his classes and homework were in French)
Imperative most important
Impugned tainted; to say something bad about someone
Incentive inspiration
Inclination when someone wants to do something
Incredulous when something is too fantastic or crazy to believe
Incumbent     existing ruler
Indefinitely no time limit (potentially forever)
Indignation to be offended by
Initiating starting
Interaction to talk or do things with others
Interjected to add a thought (perhaps interrupting someone with your idea)
Intervention get in the middle of
Interwoven tied together
Intuitively knowing how to do something without ever studying it or being trained
Juxtaposed in comparison to something else (and very different)
Largesse more than someone needs
Leverage having information or power that gives control over another
Loathed hated
Malleable able to be made into different shapes
Manipulated twisted and changed (usually in a bad way)
Mesmerized can’t take your eyes off
Methodically step by step
Millennium 1,000 years
Mitigate lessen the damage
Musing thinking deeply about
Muted made silent
Nasally when someone’s voice sounds like their nose is being pinched shut as they talk
Nauseated sickened
Negated took away or stopped
Nonchalantly casually
Noncompliance out of order; not doing what was asked
Nonplussed puzzled and maybe a little unhappy about it
Obnoxious loud, and perhaps rude
Ominous when something happens that makes it seem that something else — bad — will soon occur
Omnipresent everywhere at the same time
Outliers way out on the edge; not with the  majority
Paramount most important
Paraphrasing repeating something but making it shorter and leaving out some of the details
Perilous dangerous
Perimeter edge; border
Perplexed puzzled to the point that it bothers you
Pew bench in a church
Pilgrimages long journeys (often involving a visit to what someone considers a holy place for their religion)
Pondered thought about
Preoccupied thinking about something so much that it’s distracting
Presumably you would think that______
Prevail win
Proclamation announcement
Proficiency something someone is good it
Prompted encouraged something to happen or someone to do something
Propelled pushed with force
Protocol formal rules
Provisions food, water and gear
Pterodactyls flying dinasaur
Punctuated repeatedly doing something
Queasily doing something while feeling a little sick to your stomach about it
Rationalize coming up with a reason to do something that you probably shouldn’t do
Realization understanding something for the first time
Rebar piece of metal often used to support concrete (concrete is poured around metal frames of rebar)
Receptacles containers
Reiterated said again
Reluctance does not want do to it
Repelling forcing back/away
Repercussions what happens because of something said or done
Repetition repeating
Replicas models of
Revelation a sudden understanding
Reveled partied, loved
Rudimentary basic
Scenario one set of facts/ideas
Segment a part of something (segmented worm has many individual segments)
Sensory things detected by your senses
Simultaneously happening at the same time
Sinister evil
Sparse not much of
Stalemate no one is going to win
Stasis like being frozen
Stoically taking abuse or pain without complaining
Subsequent next
Succor to help, aid, feed
Teleport to move from one spot to the other without using your legs or a vehicle
Terra-forming creating a new world fit for humans
Theoretically the idea could at least be possible (it just might not have happened yet; no one has yet tried it)
Thriving doing really well
Thwart deny
Tolerated put up with
Torso the chest and stomach of the body
Tousled fought
Transgressions bad things that were done
Treasonous acting against your ruler/country
Tributary a stream or river that ultimately flows into a larger stream/river
Tyranny evil rule(r)
Ultimately what happens at the end
Underestimation to not consider just how strong a person can be (or how hard a challenge or obstacle might be)
Uninhabitable nothing lives there
Unnerving something that makes you really nervous
Usurper someone who takes over a country (steps in to replace a ruler) but is not seen as the rightful ruler
Variables various things that could happen
Vehemently strongly
Veneer thin layer
Vile     nasty
Voluminous writing a lot of words; something big enough to fill a great big space
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