What Lurks Beneath

Coming soon — just in time for the holidays

First, I am excited to announce that my suspense/thriller “What Lurks Beneath” will launch within the next ten days. Unlike “Will of The Hill” this novel is NOT for kiddos (there is nudity, or at least the description of nudity–thankfully for all it has nothing to do with me, or my nudity).

Speaking of “Will of The Hill”: many thanks to those who already took the plunge and bought a copy. If you did, please make sure to post your kind –bordering-on-excessively-celebratory– reviews on Amazon or Goodreads (or both)!

And, also on the “Will of The Hill” front: a special that applies ONLY to the Kindle version starts December 13th when it will be available for only 99 cents. The price ratchets up to $1.99 on the 15th before settling back in at the not-so-lofty, regular price of $2.99 on the 17th.

More updates to come.

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