Click-Bait Isn’t Even Trying Anymore

Click-bait ads have officially stopped trying.

This one wants engaged residents of my adopted city of Victoria, BC, to click on the photo and learn why it’s such a horribly rude American city. There’s just one problem. No, that’s not correct. There are just three problems:

First, Victoria, BC, has no NFL team (or any pro football team).

Second, the jersey involved sports the logo of the Philadelphia Eagles.

And, third, Victoria is in Canada. You know, Canada.

It also seems like the head of the older gentlemen with the burner might have been superimposed over someone else’s face. I don’t know why anyone thought this giant head might add value to the click-bait proposition, but I wasn’t invited to the meeting.

I’ve done my share of involuntarily clicking these fabricated ads in the past but, in my defense, the photos usually involved women in bikinis or newly uncovered facts about Big Foot. I can’t help but feel that the makers of click-bait are no longer committed to their craft.

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